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ISBN: 0-672-21654-X

Authors: Howard M. Berlin

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

4300 West 62nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Copyright: 1979

Most of us are introduced to digital logic with TTL devices, but Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, or CMOS, devices have been called the ideal logic family, and offer many advantages over the widely used TTL Devices. CMOS devices are becoming more attractive to use because of their low power consumption which is ideal for portable, battery-powered circuits.

The book opens with a chapter on the basics of CMOS. Chapter 2 explains how to perform the experiments, such as rules for setting up the experiments, format, breadboarding, equipment, components, and lists helpful hints and suggestions. The remaining chapters cover interfacing CMOS with other logic families, transmission gates, analog multiplexers and demultiplexers, monostable multivibrators, astable multivibrators, counters, interfacing LEDs, and specialized CMOS devices.

There are many CMOS devices that are either pin-for-pin or functional equivalents of  the standard TTL devices. These equivalents are listed in Appendix A, and a number of commercially available useful breadboarding aids are given in Appendix B.

This book was written primarily as a guide for those who have mastered TTL devices and now are ready to pursue the benefits of CMOS, possibly converting may existing TTL circuits to the lower power CMOS equivalents.


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